Some ideas re: Presentation Materials…

1. No typos. Double check your grammar. Again, check for typos again. Don’t rely on others to catch your mistakes.

2. If you’re going to use artwork with your pitch, treatment, script, whatever, it should be good quality, high resolution and well formatted. I often see materials that cost several thousand dollars worth of graphic design. You are competing with others who have major resources to invest in presentation materials.

3. If you’re going to use a video presentation or sizzle reel it needs to be the same quality as what you’re seeing on TV or in theaters. A low budget is not an excuse for poor quality, poor production value, bad acting, directing, etc.

4. Again, if you’re going to produce any kind of video to showcase your writing work, keep in mind you’ll also be judged as a producer. If your production isn’t great it doesn’t matter how great the underlying writing may be, it’s lost in translation…

5. Make sure your presentation materials accurately relay tone, look, feel, location and style. Give them a feeling for the story.

6. Don’t package in corny theme gift items. Let your work be the gift.

7. A brilliantly written pitch document, treatment or script will always outshine average (or plain good) writing wrapped up in glossy hype material and sizzle.