Representation FAQ Part 1.

Q: When are you ready for representation?
A: When they come after you.
Q: Why / how do they find you?
A: Contests, Labs, Festivals, Fellowships, Referrals. Essentially, when everyone you know who’s read you makes it their personal mission to hook you up, then you’ve got a shot.
Q: Why is it bad for me to submit my work to the people who I want to represent me?
A: Because you’re a stranger and you have no credibility and people don’t want to spend time reviewing materials they don’t really believe have a solid chance of being good.
Q: What do you need to have prepared when reps contact you or respond to the work?
A: A body of work, not just one script but 3 or 4 scripts in a consistent genre or with a clearly thought out and easy to explain focus, shared theme or commonality.
Q: Once you have the hot script, what’s next?
A: See previous A. You should always have 10 loglines for what you want to write next.
Q: What if multiple reps want to meet me?
A: Take as many meetings as you can and try to schedule them in the same 1 or 2 week period. Let each meeting know you’re meeting others and that you’ll need about a week to decide IF and only if they express real interest and say they’d like to work with you.
Q: How do I know what rep is the best for me?
A: The first meeting is like a first date. Be yourself but don’t be too easy. Get to know them. Ask them for a game plan. Use these words, “What would you do to help me make money doing this?” Listen for a logical, clear and simple answer. Get clarity on what their role is vs. what you’re role is. Take a few days to think about information and go with your gut.
Q: Do I always have to drive to them? Can we meet somewhere in-between or closer to where I live?
A: If you’ve made under $1,000,000 in the last two years from your writing meet them wherever they want to meet.
Q: How do I follow up after?
A: Send an email note thanking them for their time and willingness to share their insights into the business.
Q: How do I choose between an agent, manager and lawyer?
A: If you’re starting out you should have them all. And it’s easier if you start with a manager, they love helping choose agents and lawyers.
Q: Should I be with a big company or a small company?
A: A standard view is to be with a big agency to get the benefit of all the information and relationships they traffic. Management companies can be any size, most important is the quality and finding someone you trust to help you navigate everything and build your business.
Q: What if I don’t like any of the options presented?
A: Don’t go along with anyone or anything you don’t like but know that those opportunities may never present themselves again. If that’s ok then you’re being true to yourself.