Relationship objectives.

More than anything else, Hollywood is a relationship based business. It’s less about ideas and more about the people who can and will execute those ideas. As deals take time to hammer out on paper it’s all about credibility and trust. The higher up you go the more credibility is valued. Great ideas and projects come and go. Always. Take every opportunity to make new relationships and keep close the ones you have.

– Never pass up an opportunity to go out socially and meet new people.
– Go to every industry event you can.
– Have an objective or two for every event or social scene you go to.
– Read the trades every day. Know who is doing what and compliment those on their recently annouced successes.
– Find a way to finesse new contacts.
– Find out what you can do for those around you and help them realize the value you can create.
– Follow up with everyone. Never let the ball drop on your end.
– Connect the dots. Find out who you want to be in business with and connect with them via friends, associates, ideas or events.