Creating Value.

Creating a great script that can get produced IS creating value. Value for many people. Ultimately, it’s the creation of many jobs. And it starts with having an excellent script but goes far beyond. It’s about choosing an efficient genre that attracts the right elements (name actor, director, producer attachments). Also, having a unique perspective or expertise that lends to the authenticity of the work you create is a major plus.

In other words, a really excellent script about, for instance, a single mom who works three jobs to pay her bills and has no romance in her life is an exercise in frustration. OR, a really excellent script about a single dad who becomes a hit man only to find out the woman he’s just fallen in love with he’s been hired to kill… That might get more interest. IF it’s well written etc. Why? Genre. Thrillers are easier to set up and sell than dramas. Casting. There are many more potential male leads that are more profitable to cast. Dramatic plotting. The lead characters always need to make dramatic choices that lead to ultimate, personal and potentially global conflict and then eventual resolution. Yes, it’s a mainstream formula and the foundation of the business.

And, if you can create something fresh, unique and amazing and keep the project free of meaningless attachments (non-name actors, non-successful producers, etc.) then you have the potential to create value.