A few assumptions…

You have studied your craft.

– You know about what’s needed to understand and convey your work: loglines, synopsis, structure, story, genres, characters, outlines, treatments, drafts, rewrites, polishes, adaptations, format documents. You’ve read all the books, posts, articles, etc. ad nauseam.

– You want to write. Continuously. And you do. You actually sit down alone and hammer out the words, sentences and pages on a regular basis. You’ve put aside the notion that you’re not into writing just to wake up famous, or be someone different than you are.

– You have completed writing more than one project (ideally in the same genre). You’ve written, rewritten, received feedback on your work, and rewritten your work, again. You know it’s not about what your friends think.

– After all the time invested in your craft, you know it’s not just about craft.